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Caliber .380 ACP
Opertation semi-automatic
Total length 152,4 mm
Height 115 mm
Width 27,2 mm
Barrel length 81 mm
Weight 499 grs
Magazine 8 cartuchos
Sight radius 106 mm
Barrel Grooving 6 grooves, 254 mm de paso derecho
Finish Blue , Nickel
Action double and single action with an external hammer

Thunder 380 CC

The Thunder 380 CC has become the new leader in its field due to the distinguished reputation of the Thunder 380 achieved through great reliability, accuracy and durability.

This new product has smaller dimensions, new features and an extended capacity compared with its predecessor.

Extremely compact and strong, the 380 CC makes possible an enhanced balance when shooting. It also has an innovative loaded chamber indicator, an extended capacity as well as sights attached to the slide, all highly convenient details at the time of considering your next acquisition.

OPERATION: Blowback.

SAFETYS: manual safety lever, automatic safety upon removal of magazine, integral locking system, not only blocks the trigger but also the dismantling of the pistol.

FINISH: nickel, black matte. It also comes in two tones with an anodized treatment on its grips for superficial hardening and corrosion resistance.

REAR SIGHT: dovetail fixed, adjustable in the drift and white enhancing lines for faster targeting.

FRONT SIGHT: fixed in the slide with white enhancing points for faster targeting.