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Caliber .22 LR
Opertation semi-automatic
Total length 168 mm
Height 124 mm
Width 33 mm
Barrel length 90 mm
Weight 535 grs
Magazine 10 cartuchos
Sight radius 115 mm
Barrel Grooving 6 grooves, twist: on turn in 250 mm
Finish blued, nickel,duo tone
Action double and single action with an external hammer

Thunder 22

Some of its remarkable attributes include; amazing comfort, low recoil, accuracy and durability. These qualities have become synonymous with Bersa pistols.

The BERSA Thunder 22 keeps to traditional .22 calibre manufacturing, capturing almost 50 years of manufacturing experience in compact, semi-automatic pistols.

These guns have come a long way, training many generations of sport shooters by making frequent practice very affordable