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Caliber .22 LR
Opertation semi-automatic
Total length 226 mm
Height 124 mm
Width 33 mm
Barrel length 150 mm
Weight 560 grs
Magazine 10 cartuchos
Sight radius 180 mm
Barrel Grooving 6 grooves, twist: on turn in 250 mm
Finish pavonada
Action double and single action with an external hammer

Thunder 22-6

Has been exclusively designed for competition, plinking and target shooting use. Thunder 22-6 is an unquestionable leader in sport and recreational shooting guns.

These firearms offer supreme durability, accuracy, a well-balanced design, reduced recoil as well as combining two essential features, the barrel length and the sight radius, all essential for competition or target shooters.

Its 150 mm barrel length gives it a high versatility at the moment of choosing 22 LR ammunition; options include the standard .22 ammo to the high and hyper velocity ones. Thunder 22-6 are always reliable.