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Caliber .380ACP
Opertation semi-automatic
Total length 163 mm
Height 126 mm
Width 24 mm
Barrel length 82 mm
Weight 600 grs
Magazine 8 cartuchos
Barrel Grooving 6 estrias poligonales de paso derecho
Finish blued, duo tone
Action Percutor Lanzado


The highest technology in their hands, that is the most clear and concise definition of the new freestanding BP, a pistol grip polymer with high strength chassis that simplifies cleaning and maintenance, polygonal barrel, loaded chamber indicator on the slide . These are just some of the features that set the new BP to stop the most modern pistols in the world, designed and developed now with the latest technology.

Reliability is a key factor in the performance of a weapon, and we have put our focus on it, the design of the BERSA BP has been subjected to the most stringent tests of resistance and overcoming all existing reliability standards today.

Maximum control during shooting through an unmatched, you design. Have the feeling of firing a larger or a smaller caliber weapon, because we considered factors ergonomics and energy we know who manufacture weapons over 50 years ago.

Security is another key factor in this new product BERSA, why BP has insurance fall, charger and trigger and loaded chamber indicator on the slider, visible and tactile.

The capacity is superlative for a monofilament compact pistol, 8 + 1 in a gun these dimensions provide even more reasons to choose the new BP.

Add up all the features described, feel the control in your hands, compare us, try us feel the difference, you know, you. You can trust.

Each BERSA BP pistols line is a weapon designed for intensive use, high quality, built to international standard, optimal in its application for firearms. The components of these weapons have been manufactured with the latest technology, ensuring quality and interchangeability of components.

The latch system is short recoil, tilt and insert barrel into the ejection port, ensuring a positive and strong link between the pipe barrel and slide at the time of shooting, and a disconnect to facilitate the ejection of pods served and the loading of a new cartridge without interruption.

The double action allows, as in the case of the gun, carrying a loaded gun with a round in the chamber and make the first shot simply pressing the trigger.

The gun has three highly effective insurance that work automatically. The first keeps the firing pin blocked, and the second trigger locked; in both cases this occurs while the trigger is not actuated, thus preventing the possibility of an inadvertent trip falls, shock or vibration. The third is the insurance charger, which prevents percussion if the charger is not staying and retained in the gun.

The disassembly for cleaning all guns BP series is extremely easy. Is effected by removing the same component that serves as a sliding seal, dividing the gun in a few pieces of considerable size, to avoid the loss of components.

The weapon has published weapon discharged, leaving the slide in the open position when firing the last cartridge from the magazine.

All BERSA weapons have a surface finish which significantly reduces glare and discomfort it causes, improving performance shooter.

All BERSA weapons have a treatment in the slide and barrel tube called Tenifer, which significantly increases the surface hardness thereby avoiding scratches, scuffs and dents. This treatment also provides high resistance to corrosion, successfully overcoming salt spray tests and weather.

The weapon has hosted notice cartridge in the chamber, both visual and tactile. The bullet in chamber indicator shows when there is a cartridge in the chamber of the gun tube, and hides back into the slide when it is empty.

El arma posee aviso de cartucho alojada en la recámara, tanto visual como táctil. El indicador de bala en recámara asoma cuando existe un cartucho en la recámara del tubo cañón, y se esconde nuevamente dentro de la corredera cuando la misma está vacía.